BMW GM Mercedes Benz Water Pump Holder Dual Tool Thin Profile

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Works for BMW Models – M4?M10?M20?M30?M40?M44?M50?M52?M52TU?M54?M56?M60?M70?M73?S14?S38?S50B30?S50B32 Thicker Steel than others on the Market – Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Tool 5MM Thick Steel – Laser Cut Flash Chrome Plated Steel for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. This tool is required for fan-clutch replacement, water-pump service and many other front-engine repair tasks. Total length 15′ Double-ended holder wrench to hold and secure the water pump hub on many Mercedes, BMW, FORD and GM engines for removing the thermofan clutch when servicing fan clutch, and/or water pump. Total length 15′. Thickness 5mm. Please be aware that most of the Fan Clutch units are left hand threads (thus left rotation will tighten not loosen) . Verify thread direction before use. Tools weigh 2 lbs


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