Bondhus 22199 Allen Style/Hex L-Wrench Combo (SAE, Metric) + 32434 Tamper Resistant Star 30PC

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Product Description

Bondhus’ 22199 / HLX22 Compact Allen Style / Hex Long Arm L-wrench SAE/Fractions and Metric Sets is perfect where a variety of tool sizes are required. ProTanium® High Torque steel with ProGuard™ corrosion resistant finish also are the strongest Hex L-wrenches available. Both sets are packaged in a patented Bondhex color coded tool Case Caddy. The color coded case makes easy identification (Metric = Red and SAE/Fractions = Yellow). Hex L-wrenches keys slip easily into individually marked slots and Twist-to-Lock securely in place and organized (Allen Style sets are not Tamper-resistant). Bondhus’ 32434 Tamper-resistant tip star L-wrench 8PC set. w/ProGuard™ finish. Packaged in Bondhex™ color coded (green) case. Chamfered tool star tips designed save time because burrs that might prevent insertion of the tool tip into the screw head are completely removed, so tip insertion is quick and easy, tool tip seats to full depth in screw head. Bondhus’ exclusive manufacturing processes ensure the highest level of machining consistency as each star end is machined to incredibly tight tolerances. All Bondhus star end tools are manufactured with Bondhus’ exclusive Protanium® steel, which is up to 20% stronger than competitor tools and are available in many different corrosion protection finishes. Includes: long arm sizes: TR9, TR10, TR15, TR20, TR25, TR27, TR30, and TR40. American Engineered and Made in the USA. 22199 Hex 13PC SAE / 9PC Metric / 32434 Tamper Torx 8PC


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