Craftsman 9-42419 3/4-inch Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrench

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Product Description

The Craftsman 3/4-inch reversible ratcheting combination wrench lets you ratchet through bolts that’ll take a ratchet and the open side is there for the ones you can’t. This wrench features a one-hand reversing lever, which allows you to switch directions quickly and easily. A 12-degree box end gives you knuckle clearance when you need it to complete your task, and a slim profile box-end head can reach into small, tight areas that other tools cannot access. This Craftsman reversible ratcheting wrench is built to last – and it’s guaranteed to, as well. The wrench is backed by a Craftsman forever guarantee warranty. The reversible ratcheting wrench features 72 gear teeth, which means fine tooth ratcheting action for quick engagement. The wrench needs just a 5-degree arc to turn a fastener. This is an excellent tool to have on hand to complete repairs, maintenance, and other necessary jobs quickly and efficiently.


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