Craftsman Flare Nut Wrench 5/8′ X 11/16′

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Product Description

Built for working on cars, appliances and around the house, this Craftsman flare nut wrench is indispensable. Built for working on brake, steering and refrigeration lines, it also comes in handy for mountain bike suspensions and other bicycle repairs. Headlock™ box ends spread turning force throughout the entire fastener head for a solid hold, while the over-sized wrenching surface grips multiple sides of soft metal fittings to avoid stripping them. The flare nut wrench works on a variety of hexagonal fittings, from aluminum and copper to brass. It also features a traditional wide profile for greater leverage. These alloy steel wrenches come in a handy storage case and are, of course, backed by the Craftsman Forever Guarantee, for a lifetime of solid performance.


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