GearWrench 84000D Hook and Pick Set

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GearWrench introduced the original patented five-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996 and quickly became a go-to brand for professional automotive technicians. The innovation didn’t stop there. Year after year, the GearWrench brand continues to expand its line-in ratcheting tools and beyond-to help automotive and industrial technicians get their jobs done faster and easier. Set Includes: 5′ Cotter Pin Puller (84001D), 4′ Hose Pick Puller (84002D), 4-1/2′ Awl (84003D), 3-1/8′ Mini Full Hook (84004D), 3-18′ 90 Degree Mini Hook (84005), 3-1/8′ Straight Mini Hook (84006), 3-1/8′ Mini Offset Hook (84007). Blow Mold Tray.


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