Grey Pneumatic 1117M Socket

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Product Description

Style:17mm 12 Point Standard Grey Pneumatic sockets are designed with increased strength torque easier access to tight areas and reduced wear. They are specifically crafted to work with Impact Tools.Features. The impact sockets high torque drive provides increased strength through the transfer of pressure from the thinnest part of the socket wall toward the thicker section.. The sockets feature 20 percent more torque than on standard hex impact sockets.. There is an increase to tight areas through pressure shift to reduce the socket wall thickness.. There is a reduced wear and chance of rounding off fasteners by the grip the sockets provide on the fastener across a broader contact area.Specifications. Brand – Grey Pneumatic.. Socket Drive Size – 38 in.. System of Measurement – Metric.. Socket Size – 17mm.. Weight – 0.1300 lbs.. Dimensions – Drive End 24mm. Socket End 24mm. Bolt Clearance Depth 17mm. Hex Depth 11 Length 30mm.


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