Logger Head Tools BW8-01R-01 Bionic Wrench 8 Inch Adjustable Wrench

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Product description BIONIC WRENCH 8′ The 8-inch Bionic Wrench is unlike any wrench you?ve ever seen before. In fact, it looks and works more like pliers than a wrench. This cleverly designed tool has a pair of spring-loaded handles and a circular head that?s fitted with six hardened steel jaws. As you squeeze the handles, all six jaws slide toward the center and lock onto the head of the nut or bolt. This unique mechanism allows the Bionic Wrench to grip hexagonal, square and even rounded fasteners. It fits six standard sizes ranging from 7/16 inch to 3/4 inch, and 10 metric sizes from 11 millimeter to 20 millimeters. This ruggedly built tool is made of hardened, cold-rolled steel and features a rust-resistant black-oxide finish. And it?s worth noting that the Bionic Wrench is proudly made in the USA and it?s guaranteed forever. — Joseph TruiniWhat?s in the Box8-inch Bionic Wrench See all Product description


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