Reversible Stubby Ratchet Combination Wrench Set Ratcheting Socket Spanner

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Product Description

Size:15mm X 196mm(Only 1 Piece) The spanners are made from chrome vanadium, have been mirror polished for a fine finish, heat treated for strength and durability.Chrome vanadium steel forging, gears,and jaw hardening heat treatment, hard wear-resistant Through fine polished and plating bright chrome, rust and beautiful 72 tooth drive technology, rotating 5 degrees can drive, Facilitate to use in small space, 72 teeth was uniform force and prolong life. Specifications:Sizes: 8mm X 140mm(length ) 10mm X 158mm(length ) 12mm X 178mm(length ) 13mm X 179mm(length ) 14mm X 190mm(length ) 15mm X 196mm(length ) 16mm X 210mm(length ) 17mm X 210mm(length ) 18mm X 230mm(length ) 19mm X 232mm (length )


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