SMA (5/16) Torque Wrench, Coax Long

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Product Description

Torque wrench for SMA Coax ConnectorsIn the Assembly of Electronic Equipment, the connection of RG and semi-rigid cablesrequires miniature coaxial connectors be tightened to specific torque values. Due tothe high density of microwave electronics, SMA connectors are often closely packedcreating difficulties for the technician to properly torque each connector. Theconnector nuts are simply too closely spaced for the use of a standard torque wrench.This wrench is specifically designed to accommodate the close spacing andcomes standard calibrated at 8 in-lbs. Other connector sizes and torque settingsare also available: SMA (5/16), SSMA (1/4), and SMC (7/32).Quantity discounts are available for purchases of 100 or more wrenches.Additional data available on our WEB Site.


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