Stanley Proto J1270-18 Flex Head Combination Wrench 9/16 12 Point

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Product Description

Product description FEATURES: Satin finish provides corrosion resistance and a slip resistant grip. 12 point box end allows for fine indexing, helping to improve speed and access. Fits 4, 6 and 12 point fasteners. Use the swiveling box end to break or cinch bolts in difficult locations. Heat-treated alloy steels produce a shank with high leverage. Box ends incorporate the TorquePlus system. Proto TorquePlus wrenches are ideal for use on stubborn or damaged fasteners, and also on fasteners made from soft materials. The TorquePlus design is a high performance drive configuration which allows for quick and easy wrench engagement to the fastener flats, not the corners. The TorquePlus configuration employs a radius-corner design, shifting contact area and stress away from the fastener corners and distributing contact stresses over a large area of the socket end, minimizing slippage. The TorquePlus internal design minimizes fastener rounding, helps to extend fastener life, and allows the user to more easily turn worn, rounded, or rusted fasteners. From the Manufacturer Stanley Proto combination wrenches are engineered to be more efficient and stronger than ever. Proto engineers continually work to create wrenches that grip tighter and let users apply more torque without fear of fastener damage. All are coated or plated to be durable and corrosion resistant.


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