Stanley Proto J5112 3/8-Inch Drive Torque Adapter 3/8-Inch

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Product Description

Product description 5112 Model Code: AE – Price is for 1 Each (part# 5112) This item features: -Concentric openings. -Measures 2” from center of adapter opening to center of square drive for easy torque calculations. -High strength, thin wall design. -Applies up to 15pct more torque to fastener. -Reduces risk of fastener rounding. -Drive Size: 3/8 in. -Drive Type: Square. -Locking Type: Ball. -Material: Forged Alloy Steel. -Finish: Nickel Chrome. -Measuring System: Inch. -Type: Torque Adapter Bit. Len. = Overall Length Len. = Overall Length Model Code  Model Description AAOpening Size:1/2 in, Head Width:47/64 in (opening side), Head Thickness:21/64 in (opening side), Overall Length:2 25/32 in, Wt.:0.10 lb ABOpening Size:11/16 in, Head Width:1 in (opening side), Head Thickness:27/64 in (opening side), Overall Length:2 29/32 in, Wt.:0.12 lb ACOpening Size:13/16 in, Head Width:1 11/64 in, Head Thickness:31/64 in, Overall Length:2 63/64 in, Wt.:0.14 lb ADOpening Size:3/4 in, Head Width:1 5/64 in (opening side), Head Thickness:29/64 in (opening side), Overall Length:2 61/64 in, Wt.:0.12 lb AEOpening Size:3/8 in, Head Width:9/16 in (opening side), Head Thickness:17/64 in (opening side), Overall Length:2 11/16 in, Wt.:0.08 lb AFOpening Size:5/8 in, Head Width:29/32 in (opening side), Head Thickness:25/64 in (opening side), Overall Length:2 55/64 in, Wt.:0.12 lb AGOpening Size:7/16 in, Head Width:13/16 in (opening side), Head Thickness:19/64 in (opening side), Overall Length:2 47/64 in, Wt.:0.10 lb AHOpening Size:7/8 in, Head Width:1 17/64 in (opening side), Head Thickness:33/64 in (opening side), Overall Length:3.019 in, Wt.:0.16 lb AIOpening Size:9/16 in, Head Width:13/16 in (opening side), Head Thickness:23/64 in (opening side), Overall Length:2 13/16 in, Wt.:0.12 lb From the Manufacturer Proto torque adapters are designed with a center-to-center dimension of 2′. This means that the distance from the center of the square drive of the mating torque wrench to the center of the fasteners is exactly 2′. This constant dimension serves to simplify the process of calculating the torque applied. The box end wall thickness is specially engineered to provide strength while still allowing ample room for access to reach difficult fasteners.


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