Stanley Proto JSCR28 Non-Reversing Compination Spline Wrench 7/8′

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Product Description

From the Manufacturer Spline wrenches can be used on 4, 6, 12 point spline and Torx fasteners. The chrome-vanadium switch lever allows for easy changes in turning direction which helps improve speed. Spline design was created for use with speciality spline bolts which are used when weight and size of bolt heads must be minimized. Spline design enables the wrench to contact conventional fasteners away from the corners, which applies force over a larger area, reducing risk of fastener scoring and helps prevent rounding of the corners and other fasteners damage that could lead to Foreign Object Damage (FOD). The high contact surface area which is away from fastener points enables turning of highly rounded fasteners. Anti-Slip Design (ASD) open end -Patented locking grooves help prevent the wrench from slipping off the fastener when turning. -The arched surfaces are designed to spread the contact forces over a greater area. -Loads are kept off the corners of the fastener which helps prevent fastener rounding.


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