STEELMAN 41930 8-Piece Folding Hex Key Set, Metric (MM)

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Product Description

The Steelman MM Folding Hex Key Wrench Set feature the most common metric sizes to both remove and install fasteners on all of your home and hobby projects. With a handy case that each key folds into, you will have everything you need in the palm of your hand! These wrenches are formed from heat-treated chrome vanadium steel and then coated with a protective black oxide finish. Cases are color-coded, making it easy to decide which set you need. Each wrench features a chamfered end, allowing it to slide effortlessly into the fastener. Each size is also printed on the case, making it easy to select the correct wrench for the job.STEELMAN is an industry leader in automotive and industrial specialty tools and equipment, manufacturing the highest quality, unique, and innovative tools and products, designed to meet the specific needs of mechanics, contractors, and other working professionals.


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