TEKTON WRN53014 Ratcheting Combination Wrench, 3/4-Inch

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Product Description

Size:3/4-Inch TEKTON Ratcheting Combination Wrenches offer the speed and ease of a ratcheting box end that stays continuously engaged with fasteners, eliminating the need to re-fit after each turn. A 6-point opening provides a sure, snug fit on hex-shaped fasteners so you can apply maximum torque without slipping off, saving aggravation and your knuckles. To prevent round-off, the box end opening contacts and applies force to the flat sides of fastener heads rather than the corners. Equipped with a 72-tooth ratchet gear that needs just 5 degrees of swing arc to reach the next tooth position, it’s fast and efficient when there’s not much room to move. The open end is angled 15 degrees, allowing the wrench to be flipped over with each rotation to engage the fastener twice as often when you’re working in tight spaces.


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