Triplett ClikGrip TT-221 Auto-Adjusting Water Pump Pliers, 10-inch

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Product Description

Style:10-inch The Triplett ClikGrip TT-221 Auto-Adjusting Water Pump Pliers feature a micro-adjusting mechanism that precisely adjusts size (no channels). The jaws grip flat, round, or irregular shaped objects, and the jaws stay parallel, maintaining spacing when pressure is released (less hand fatigue). The cushioned handles are spaced to provide a comfortable grip throughout adjustment range. The slim profile makes storage easy. Non-reflective black oxide finish. Founded in 1904, U.S.-based Triplett Test Equipment continues to be on the leading edge of specialized testers. Whether supplying vital test equipment to the U.S. Signal Corps during WWII, or providing the railroad industry with essential testers to ensure the safety of their crews and the public, Triplett prides itself in developing innovative, reliable, and durable test equipment for every technician–that also won’t break the bank.


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